Rippl Impact Shorts Review


Rippl Impact Shorts Review: Sustainable Comfort for Every Adventure

Welcome to our review of Rippl Impact Shorts, the ultimate sustainable and vegan-friendly option for outdoor adventurers. Whether you’re hitting the trails, cycling through the city, or simply enjoying a casual day out, these shorts promise to deliver comfort, performance, and peace of mind. Let’s dive into what makes them stand out.

Table of Contents

  1. Design and Material
  2. Comfort and Fit
  3. Performance in Various Snowboarding Conditions
  4. Sustainability and Ethical Manufacturing
  5. Comparing Rippl Impact Shorts to Other Brands
  6. Tips for Choosing Adventure Shorts
  7. Frequently Asked Questions
  8. Embracing Sustainability in Outdoor Gear
  9. Conclusion

Design and Material

Rippl Impact Shorts are designed with the active adventurer in mind. They boast a sleek, modern look that doesn’t compromise on functionality. The material is a blend of recycled polyester and organic cotton, making them not only durable but also breathable.

Key Features:

  • Recycled Polyester: Provides durability and quick-drying properties.
  • Organic Cotton: Adds softness and breathability.
  • Elastic Waistband: Ensures a snug fit without restricting movement.
  • Multiple Pockets: Includes secure zip pockets for essentials.
  • Eco-Friendly Dyes: Reduces environmental impact.

Material Comparison Chart

FeatureRippl Impact ShortsTypical Adventure Shorts
SustainabilityVery HighLow

Comfort and Fit

Comfort is a top priority when it comes to adventure gear, and Rippl Impact Shorts do not disappoint. The blend of materials offers a balance of softness and stretch, allowing for a full range of motion. The elastic waistband is adjustable, providing a custom fit that stays comfortable throughout the day.

Fit Ratings:

  • Waistband Comfort: 9/10
  • Leg Movement: 8/10
  • Overall Fit: 9/10

User Experiences:

Many users have reported that during hiking trips, such as those in the Lake District, the Rippl Impact Shorts performed exceptionally well. Despite rugged terrain and variable weather, they remained comfortable and functional. Secure pockets were praised for keeping essentials safe, and the breathable fabric was noted for keeping users cool and dry.

Performance in Various Snowboarding Conditions

Rippl Impact Shorts are designed to meet the rigorous demands of snowboarding, providing comfort, durability, and functionality. Here’s how they perform in different snowboarding conditions, based on thorough research and user experiences.

Cold Weather Snowboarding

Snowboarding in cold weather requires gear that can keep you warm without sacrificing mobility. While typically associated with warmer conditions, Rippl Impact Shorts can still be a valuable part of your snowboarding gear when layered appropriately.

Key Performance Factors:

  • Insulation Layer Compatibility: The shorts can be worn over thermal leggings or under insulated pants, providing an extra layer of warmth.
  • Moisture-Wicking: The fabric effectively wicks away sweat, keeping you dry even when you layer up.
  • Wind Resistance: The recycled polyester blend offers some degree of wind resistance, which helps in retaining warmth.

User Experiences:

Many snowboarders have reported that layering the Rippl Impact Shorts over thermal leggings provided added warmth without restricting movement during winter sessions. They help manage moisture, keeping users dry and comfortable throughout the day.

Spring Snowboarding

Spring snowboarding involves fluctuating temperatures and often slushy snow conditions. Rippl Impact Shorts excel in these milder conditions.

Key Performance Factors:

  • Breathability: The shorts are highly breathable, preventing overheating as temperatures rise.
  • Quick-Drying: They dry quickly if you get wet from slushy snow or light rain.
  • Flexibility: The stretchy material ensures full mobility, crucial for performing tricks and navigating varied terrain.

User Experiences:

Late-season snowboarding enthusiasts have found Rippl Impact Shorts perfect for warmer midday temperatures. They reported that the shorts provided excellent breathability and flexibility, and dried quickly after falls in slushy snow.

Park and Freestyle Snowboarding

Park and freestyle snowboarding demand gear that allows maximum flexibility and freedom of movement. Rippl Impact Shorts are particularly suited for this style of snowboarding.

Key Performance Factors:

  • Stretchable Fabric: Allows for a full range of motion, essential for jumps, spins, and tricks.
  • Secure Fit: The elastic waistband keeps the shorts in place, even during intense activity.
  • Durable Construction: The material withstands the abrasions and impacts common in park environments.

User Experiences:

Freestyle snowboarders have praised the flexibility provided by the Rippl Impact Shorts, which allowed them to execute jumps and tricks with ease. The secure fit meant they didn’t have to constantly adjust the shorts, enabling them to focus on their performance.

Backcountry Snowboarding

For those who venture off-piste, having reliable gear is crucial. While typically used in warmer conditions, Rippl Impact Shorts can also play a role in backcountry snowboarding as a layering piece.

Key Performance Factors:

  • Layering Versatility: They can be layered under waterproof shell pants, providing additional warmth without bulk.
  • Moisture Management: Efficient moisture-wicking keeps your base layers dry.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Easy to pack as an additional layer without taking up much space.

User Experiences:

Backcountry snowboarders have found that layering the shorts under shell pants added warmth during early morning ascents. The lightweight design didn’t add unnecessary bulk, and helped manage sweat effectively during intense climbs.

Overall Performance Ratings:

ConditionRating (out of 10)
Cold Weather Snowboarding7
Spring Snowboarding9
Park and Freestyle Snowboarding9
Backcountry Snowboarding8

In summary, Rippl Impact Shorts are versatile and perform exceptionally well across various snowboarding conditions. Their breathability, flexibility, and quick-drying properties make them a valuable addition to any snowboarder’s gear collection. Through research and user experiences, it’s clear that these shorts stand up to the demands of the sport, offering reliable performance and comfort

Sustainability and Ethical Manufacturing

One of the standout features of Rippl Impact Shorts is their commitment to sustainability and ethical manufacturing. Rippl uses eco-friendly materials and processes, ensuring that every pair of shorts has a minimal environmental footprint.

Sustainable Practices:

  • Recycled Materials: The use of recycled polyester reduces waste and conserves resources.
  • Organic Cotton: Grown without harmful pesticides and chemicals.
  • Fair Trade Certified: Ensures fair wages and safe working conditions for workers.
  • Low-Impact Dyes: Reduces water and chemical use in the dyeing process.

Ethical Manufacturing Comparison

BrandSustainabilityEthical Manufacturing
RipplVery HighVery High
The North FaceMediumMedium

Comparing Rippl Impact Shorts to Other Brands

While Rippl Impact Shorts are impressive, how do they stack up against other popular brands? Based on extensive research and user reviews, we’ve compared them to Patagonia Nine Trails Shorts and The North Face Paramount Active Shorts.

Patagonia Nine Trails Shorts

Patagonia is renowned for its commitment to sustainability and high-quality outdoor gear. The Nine Trails Shorts offer many similar features to Rippl Impact Shorts, such as durability and quick-drying capabilities. However, they come at a higher price point and are slightly less breathable. Users have reported that while the Patagonia shorts are robust and reliable, the Rippl Impact Shorts provide superior breathability, making them more comfortable during high-intensity activities.

The North Face Paramount Active Shorts

The North Face Paramount Active Shorts are a more budget-friendly option, providing good durability and comfort. However, they do not match the sustainability credentials of Rippl Impact Shorts. Users have noted that while the Paramount Active Shorts perform well in various conditions, they fall short in terms of eco-friendliness and breathability compared to Rippl Impact Shorts.

Comparison Table

FeatureRippl Impact ShortsPatagonia Nine TrailsThe North Face Paramount Active
SustainabilityVery HighHighMedium

Personal Experiences

Outdoor enthusiasts have consistently praised Rippl Impact Shorts for their exceptional comfort and performance. Reports from users indicate that these shorts excel in both durability and breathability, making them a preferred choice over other brands. One user mentioned their experience during a summer hike, highlighting how the shorts remained comfortable and dry even during strenuous activity. Another user, an avid cyclist, appreciated the secure fit and moisture-wicking properties during long rides.

Tips for Choosing Adventure Shorts

Choosing the right adventure shorts can make a big difference in your outdoor experiences. Here are some practical tips:

  • Consider the Material: Look for sustainable materials like recycled polyester and organic cotton. These materials not only reduce environmental impact but also provide excellent performance characteristics such as durability and breathability.
  • Check the Fit: Ensure the waistband is adjustable and the shorts allow for a full range of motion. An elastic waistband can enhance comfort, while a good fit ensures the shorts stay in place during activity.
  • Look for Functional Pockets: Secure pockets are essential for keeping your essentials safe. Zippered pockets are particularly useful for outdoor activities, preventing items from falling out.
  • Evaluate Durability: Choose shorts that can withstand the rigors of outdoor activities. Reinforced seams and durable fabrics can help your shorts last longer, even with frequent use.
  • Think About Breathability: Opt for fabrics that wick moisture and dry quickly. Breathable materials keep you comfortable by allowing sweat to evaporate, reducing the risk of chafing and overheating.

Top Features to Look For:

  • Elastic Waistband: Provides a snug fit without restricting movement.
  • Quick-Drying Fabric: Ensures you stay dry and comfortable, even in wet conditions.
  • Secure Zip Pockets: Keeps your belongings safe and easily accessible.
  • Breathable Material: Enhances comfort by allowing air circulation and moisture evaporation.
  • Sustainable and Ethical Manufacturing: Supports environmental and social responsibility, aligning with values of sustainability and ethical consumption.

By considering these factors, you can select adventure shorts that not only meet your performance needs but also align with your ethical values.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Rippl Impact Shorts true to size?

Yes, Rippl Impact Shorts are designed to be true to size. The elastic waistband allows for some adjustability, ensuring a comfortable fit.

Can these shorts be used for water activities?

While they are not specifically designed for water activities, the quick-drying fabric makes them suitable for occasional water exposure.

How do I care for my Rippl Impact Shorts?

To maintain their quality, wash the shorts in cold water and hang them to dry. Avoid using fabric softeners or bleach.

Embracing Sustainability in Outdoor Gear

At Kalook, we believe that every piece of gear we choose should reflect our commitment to sustainability and ethical living. Rippl Impact Shorts align perfectly with these values, offering a product that is not only high-performing but also environmentally friendly.

Eco-Friendly Materials

The use of recycled polyester and organic cotton in Rippl Impact Shorts minimizes the environmental impact. Recycled polyester reduces waste and the need for virgin materials, while organic cotton is grown without harmful pesticides, protecting both the environment and the farmers.

Ethical Manufacturing

Rippl ensures that their products are made under fair working conditions, supporting communities and ensuring that workers receive fair wages. This ethical approach extends to their entire supply chain, from material sourcing to the final product.

Low-Impact Dyes

The shorts are dyed using low-impact dyes, which significantly reduce water and chemical use. This process not only conserves resources but also ensures that no harmful chemicals are released into the environment.

Durability and Longevity

Choosing durable products like Rippl Impact Shorts means fewer replacements over time, reducing overall consumption and waste. These shorts are built to last, making them a sustainable choice for long-term use.

Our Commitment

At Kalook, we are dedicated to promoting a lifestyle that respects our planet and all its inhabitants. Every choice we make, from the gear we use to the trails we ride, reflects our commitment to sustainability and vegan principles. By choosing Rippl Impact Shorts, you are not only investing in high-quality adventure wear but also supporting a brand that aligns with your values.


Rippl Impact Shorts are a fantastic choice for anyone looking to combine performance, comfort, and sustainability in their outdoor gear. They excel in various conditions, from hiking to casual wear, and are made with a strong commitment to ethical manufacturing. By choosing Rippl Impact Shorts, you’re not only investing in high-quality adventure wear but also supporting a brand that aligns with your values of veganism and sustainability.

Ready to make a conscious choice for your next adventure? Rippl Impact Shorts might just be the perfect addition to your gear collection.


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