Mittens vs. Gloves: Which is Better for Snowboarding?

mitten vs gloves: Which is Better for Snowboarding?

Hey fellow snowboarders, whether you’re a seasoned rider or strapping in for the first time, you’ve probably found yourself here for a reason – maybe upgrading your gear, researching the best setup, or hunting for the perfect gift for your outdoorsy friend. Well, you’re in the right place, because we’re about to unravel the great glove vs. mitten conundrum, with a human touch and practical advice that goes beyond tech jargon.

Choosing Your Side: A Personal Affair

Now, when it comes to mittens or gloves, there’s often a sentimental tale behind the preference. Riders recall the moment they fell in love with their chosen handwear. Personally, I’m all about the mitts – it’s about the performance for me. Take, for example, the Outdoor Research Lucents; they’re a luxury on your hands, equipped with ALTIHeat Technology, GORE-TEX inserts, and touchscreen compatibility. It’s not just a product; it’s an experience.

For those not keen on tech terms, fear not – decoding outdoor jargon is our specialty.

Mittens and Gloves: Unraveling the Mystery

Whether you’re a snowboarding veteran or a rookie, the debate rages on: glove or mitten? Each has its merits, and it all boils down to personal preference and your priorities on the mountain.

Now, you might worry about losing dexterity with mittens. The fix? A liner glove. And if you think gloves sacrifice warmth, well, that’s where the Outdoor Research mittens shine, with a fleece liner ensuring moisture wicking and insulation even when wet.

The Warmth Factor: The Ultimate Showdown

If warmth is your top priority (and really, who wants frozen fingers?), mittens emerge as the winner. A peek at the data shows that mittens, particularly the Outdoor Research ones, reign supreme in cold weather temperature tests. No more icy digits on those mountain tops!

Recommendations for the Snowboarding Squad

For those in pursuit of warmth, my top pick is Outdoor Research mittens, tried and tested on freezing mountaintops. However, if you’re more about the glove life, Outdoor Research has got you covered there too, especially for Mid-Atlantic East Coasters or those with naturally warm hands.

Now, for the snowboarders needing a hot glove with a vintage feel, check out the Flylow Tough Guy Gloves – a personal favorite with a fleece inside and leather palms. And if toughness isn’t your style, but soft and cozy is, the Hestra Helis gloves might be your go-to choice. Hestra offers various women’s glove options, and their Fall Line Gloves are a great balance of toughness and comfort.

Conclusion: Your Hand, Your Choice

In the end, choosing between mittens and gloves is a personal journey. All the options out there will do a pretty good job, considering they’re from established manufacturers. So, whether it’s a sunny pow day or sideways hail, pick the handwear that feels like home on your adventures. Now, gear up, hit the slopes, and ride on, snowboarders! 🏂✌️


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